Another Laundry Day Victory!

I had yet another laundry day victory today. However, not the same kind of victory that I described in my previous post about laundry, but....well, just see for yourself...


It's hard to see in these pictures, but basically the laundry room is very dirty, is in desparate need of a paint job, and lots of other little touch ups.

There were shelves here when we moved in but we took them down when we got a big freezer that we kept in this room. I sold the freezer on Craig's List in February, so for months we've just been looking at these yucky "wounds" on the wall.

It's hard to see what's going on in this picture, but this wall was the best wall to look at to see how much this room needed a new paint job. There were speckles of who knows what all over this wall and weird patchy parts. Also, the main color of the paint on all of the walls and the ceiling was a weird off white color that just kind of looked like dirty white.


Isn't it beautiful!?!?

Here's a picture of the laundry room in use. I did my laundry after all the changes had been made and it was wonderful. It was a pleasure to be in the room since it looked so much nicer and cleaner. It was also nice to be able to hang things up as I cleaned them. I had the shelf to fold things on and store the stacks so I didn't have to clutter up my house with clean clothes on laundry day, they could all just stay in the laundry room.

Here's a video of the finished product. It's hard to capture the beauty of it all with just still shots, so I thought I'd better take a video...

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