Get Organized!

I got this good idea from my sister-in-law Heidi when I was visiting their family in May. They have two little girls like we do and their girls share a room. I was helping them get dressed one day and I opened up their closet to get out some play dresses and saw that Heidi had their closet organized so that the bloomers that went with the dress were hanging on the hanger with the dress.

I came home and immediately reorganized my girl's closet in this way and it has been great. It is a very simple change, but it has made a big difference. Another thing I do with my girls clothes that hang in the closet is I hang Maren's clothes on white hangers and Jane's clothes on pink hangers. I mostly do this for Brad's sake, to help him know which clothes go with which girl more easily and he appreciates it... :)

This got me thinking about some of the other organizational ideas that I use that others might find interesting. In our house, even though we have three bedrooms, we have a lot of stuff! This forces us to get creative on how we use our space.

Brad thinks this one is the best idea since Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I was having a hard time fitting his shirts in the drawer of our new dresser, so I started rolling his shirts up and they fit much better. Brad loves it because he can easily see all of his shirts and he doesn't have to dig through a pile of them and then mess up the pile when he has to pull one from the middle or the bottom of the stack. I'm quoting him, "I can't believe my mom never thought of this..."

Don't forget to use up the space underneath the crib. These shallow under-the-bed tubs on wheels fit very well and you can stack them one on top of the other.

I found this little set of drawers at Costco and it is perfect for holding all of my sewing and scrapbooking stuff. It is also on wheels which is great because as you can see I keep my sewing machine on it so I can just wheel to wherever I want to sew. Since I don't have a room yet that I can dedicate to my projects, this portable little table and drawers is perfect.

We still have lots of VHS tapes even though they are going out of style and take up a lot of space. Anyway, because it takes up all of the space in our entertainment center we have now moved all of our DVD's into a huge CD/DVD case...

Here they are...this has worked great, and it takes up much less room than with the DVDs in their cases.

We don't have a coat closet, so I had Brad hang up a closet rack in one of our storage closets that now doubles as a coat closet.

Well, there it is...I would love to hear any organizational tips any of you guys have!!

Our current dilemma is we are thinking about getting a small piano, but it really doesn't seem like it would be able to fit anywhere. We're putting our brains together and I'm sure we'll come up with something...

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