It's All a Big Hoax

So, I'm pretty sure that potty training is a hoax...

I got a free potty training DVD in the mail from Huggies and it is pretty great! Jane and I sat down and watched it together and she really liked it. It inspired me to hit potty training hard this week. Needless to say, it was pretty unsuccessful. This little conversation will pretty much sum it up for you:

"Jane it's time to go potty!!!" said mommy in her most enthusiastic and optimistic voice.

"NOOOOOO!" said Jane in her most dramatically sad voice.

"But Jane, aren't you a big girl now? and big girls use the potty." mommy rationalized with her 2-year-old.

"I not a big girl..." said Jane miserably.

"Well then, are you a baby?" questioned mommy.

"No, I not a baby." Jane answered matter-of-factly.

"Well then Jane, what are you?" said the confused mommy...

"...I'm Jane." Jane answered simply...and that was that.

Despite that, I'm just joking about the hoax thing, I know potty training is not a hoax...I'm just a little frustrated is all. It takes a lot of patience to clean up pee all day long. Especially when you forget that your little potty trainer is wearing big girl panties and you let her play on your bed and before you know it you have pee on your pillow. Bummer...

If only there was some place that you could send your kid for a week and they would come back potty trained, kind of like you can send away your pets to get house trained...

We're going to take a little break and begin again with renewed efforts and enthusiasm in a couple of weeks.

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