Maple Town Becomes Calico Critters

When I was little, my sisters and I played with little animal toys that lived in a town called Maple Town.

We had the Maple Town animals and some of the toys that came with them, but my mom made each of us one of our own houses with some matching furniture and other accessories.

This little house is awesome because the roof folds back and the front of it zips down to make more floor space.

Aren't these little animals so cute? Personally, I think they are better than let's say for example Barbie dolls. Although I really don't have anything against Barbie dolls, I just think that animals are a little more kid friendly than super model dolls. Also, it might be because when I was little I was a little bit jealous that all my friends had beautiful Barbie dolls and I had to play with animals. Now that I'm a mom, like most of my parent's other rules that I used to not like, I now see the wisdom.

When I was living with my parents last Fall, my mom and I got out a lot of our old toys and got them all cleaned up. I took home my portion of Maple Town: my purple house, furniture and accessories, and the raccoon family. The awesome ending to this story is that Jane loves playing with these Maple Town toys and house. She'll sit for up to an hour sometimes make believing with this cute little animal family in their cute little purple home.

Anyway, with the help of a friend I just found Calico Critters online at They don't make Maple Town anymore, but this is pretty much exactly the same cute!

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