Never Say Never

I was reading a friend's blog and she wrote about how she always said that she would never take her kids to Chuck E. Cheese, but she took their little girl and she had a great time. It got me thinking about how there are several things that I always swore I would never do with my own kids that I have started doing...and that there is no shame or blame in that...

For example, the old me used to say, "no Teletubbies (Jane and Maren love it and love to watch it at Mema's house), no Barney (one of their favorite books is was a gift), and no kid leashes (I lost Jane for the first time in Wal-Mart last week and it was SO HORRIBLE, even though it was only like a minute and a half. I'm getting her a little back pack leash the next time I go to the store so that I can tie her to the cart if she wants to get down and walk around.).

No Chuck E. Cheese was also on my list, though I don't feel very passionate about it. I guess you should Never Say Never, especially before you have a parental perspective... I'm sure this will keep happening all down the road.

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