I've Officially Entered the Canning World

Even though I've been canning quite a bit this summer...I feel like I've finally earned the title of a home canner because last night I did a whole session of canning all by myself. I didn't have anyone there to get opinions/advice from and no one to help keep me on task and no one to help with the labor (and canning is labor intensive).

I picked the pears by myself (a big thank you to the Tibbetts) a couple of days ago...

I got the fruit ready to be canned all by myself...Thanks to this awesome new peeler (thanks to Adam and Lara for a rockin' b-day present), the prepping part went quite quickly.

...and, last but not least, I canned and processed it all by myself...

I also made this really awesome Caramel Spice Pear Butter that turned out amazing (Lara found this recipe on RecipeZaar.com).

Some of the fruits of my labor...it's always so fun to line up all of your beautifully preserved food and admire your hard work and labor :)

Some other canning that happened this summer that has not been mentioned on this blog yet that needs to be mentioned is PEACHES!

A few weeks ago Carol made canning all of these beautiful peaches possible. She is a great teacher! My canning information and experience has come from my two moms and the internet... I just have to say it is actually easier than it looks. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll see if I can help.

Also, speaking of FOOD STORAGE...I went to the Macey's Case Lot Sale last week. Can you tell?

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