Magic Anti-Crayon Potion

So, last week a red crayon "snuck" into my last load of laundry and after going through the dryer decided to splotch itself all over my colors batch...YIKES!

By "snuck" I actually mean that Jane is in the phase where she likes to put things in her pocket and she must have had a pocketful of crayons when I started the wash. I found a few crayons in the bottom of the washer, so I checked all her pockets before transferring the wet clothes to the dryer, but I must have missed one...

This is the scene of the crime:

Anyway, after a minor freak out moment and a quick call to my mom, I got online and found a magic potion for getting crayon out of laundry.

1 cup of Borax
1 cup of white vinegar
1 cup of laundry detergent

Wash the load in hot water with the extra rinse cycle on.

After washing it once most of the spots were gone. So I washed the load again. This time I put Spray 'N' Wash on each of the remaining spots (I wouldn't have done this the first time around because there were too many little spots, but this second time there were only a couple on each item of clothing). I mixed up my magic potion with the hot water and then put the clothes into the washer and let it soak for several hours before closing the lid and letting the washer run its cycle. That did the trick! (There were only two items of clothing that had a little red left on them and it must have had something to do with fabric type).

It came out looking like this:

As Jane would say, "That's SO magic!"

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