Three Cheers for the Binky Fairy...

So, I hope that I'm not speaking too soon, but Jane officially gave up her binkies tonight. We had a visit from the Binky Fairy!

We explained to Jane that there were other babies in the world who were crying and who needed binkies. We also said that now she was two years old she was such a big girl and didn't need binkies anymore. So, the Binky Fairy was also so proud of Jane for being so brave and such a big girl that she was going to come bring a big present for Jane.

So, we put Jane's binkies into a box and tied a bow on it and Jane said, "bye bye binkies" and put them outside on our porch for the Binky Fairy to come and get for all of the babies.

When we came back inside I told her that the Binky Fairy had already come and left her the present on her bed...she was SO excited!

The Binky Fairy left her a Princess Aurora doll and she loves it! Jane thinks Sleeping Beauty is SO wonderful and beautiful!

Jane kept telling us how nice the Binky Fairy was and how much she loved her new dolly. What's so great about this doll is it is a doll, a pillow, and a blanket. When you unzip the bottom of the pillow you can pull the blanket out. Needless to say, Jane loves it!

When I was putting her to bed tonight we got her all tucked in with Princess Aurora and Jane turned to me and started to say, "I want my..." Then she stopped and you could tell she was thinking. Then she said, " binkies..." and she smiled and said "goodnight Mommy!" It was almost too good to be true.

I just thought I would include that I was going to do this similar concept to get Jane to get ride of her binkies at Christmas time, but I was going to have her give them to Santa Clause instead of the Binky Fairy...but I just decided that we couldn't wait until Christmas and it needed to happen now. I know Jane is ready and I think the whole idea has clicked for her... I hope :)

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