Day 5 - We Have Arrived

So, I can now say that Jane is officially potty trained. We are almost to the end of day 5 and she didn't have any accidents yesterday or today. Well, she had a little one yesterday and a little one today, but they were both my fault because we were out and I wasn't totally prepared. Also, when I say no accidents I mean no number 1 accidents...we're still mastering number 2, but she's even pretty good at that.

Yesterday (day 4) felt like a miracle. Day 3 hadn't been that great and I was almost going to quit, but I heard that if you can get through day 3 that you can do it...apparently it is common to want to quit on day 3. Anyway, I'm so glad that I didn't because she totally had it all figured out on day 4. We even went to the store (to pick out some new fun potty treats - jelly beans and Starbursts) and I put her in a Pull Up so that I didn't have to bring another outfit if she had an accident. She went to the bathroom on the potty at the store and she also didn't even pee in her Pull Up once.

I worry because Pull Ups must seem like diapers to them. But I've really been stressing to Jane that Pull Ups are special sleepy time panties or panties we wear when we have to go on big adventures...and that we still need to keep them dry, just like normal panties. Anyway, it must have worked.

Today has been equally as great as miracle day #4. Jane has been going 45 minute to 1 hour stretches staying dry and she goes to the bathroom every time we sit on the potty. Also, yesterday she came up to me and told me she needed to go potty, which she had never done before and I was thrilled. I hope she keeps that up, because for the most part I am just telling her that it's time to go after it has been a decent amount of time (I'm getting pretty good at gaging when she will need to be going again). Anyway, I am so absolutely excited that potty training is not a hoax...and that it actually works. I hope that Elmo potty show gets here soon :)

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