So my Christmas project this year is a fun HO HO HO Christmas decoration.

Here are some pictures of the process in case you want to make it for yourself...it's a lot of fun and pretty easy.

Step 1: Layout your holiday fabric folded in half (preferably right sides together). Make the letter patterns out of wax paper or other flexible material. Pin patterns onto fabric and cut out letters.

Step 2: Take off letter patterns and pin letters together again, right sides together.

Step 3: Sew letters together. For the "H", sew all of the way around the outside border, except leave an opening on one side of the short part in the middle of the "H". You can also sew all the way around the border of the "H" and then cut an opening in one side of the "H" after you have flipped it. Then just make sure that is in the back when it's done. For the "O" sew all of the way around the inner "O" and the outer "O". When doing this, start and stop at the top of the "O" on the inner and the outer "O leaving a very small space in between your starting and stopping backstitching. This is because you are going to cut all the way through the "O" at the top where you have left your VERY small opening so that the "O" becomes a tube.

Step 4: Flip both letters right side out so that they are ready to stuff with stuffing. Fill each letter with stuffing so that it is like a pillow.

Step 5: Hand stitch the holes closed and then hand stitch the tops of the "H" and the "O" to a ribbon. Do three "HO"s in a row so that it says "HO HO HO" like in my picture at the top of this post.

Here is another fabric combination I did for the HO, HO, HO's:

Also, here are some measurement notes:

-1 yard each of three different prints of fabrics will make 4 HO, HO, HO's.
-1 1/2 yards each of three different prints of fabrics will make 7 HO, HO, HO's.
-1 bag of stuffing should fill about 4 HO, HO, HO's.

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