Recent Sewing Projects

I've been doing some sewing lately and am now done for awhile, but I thought I'd do a post about some of the fun things that I've made.

I made some cute Dora the Explorer blankets for both of the girls for Christmas presents...

I also made each of them a tutu; one pink and white, and one purple and light purple.

Here's a cute picture of Maren playing in her little tutu.

Ok, so not all of my projects were sewing projects. This is a fun little book bag that Jane and I made together by ironing on the butterflies and then painting around them with sparkly puff paint.

This cute skirt used to be a strappy dress, but it was too short to wear comfortably. So I cut off the top and put in a waist. Now it is a great skirt that is nice and long. I just love the's so funky!

I was having trouble with my shower curtain getting gross so fast and needing to be washed all of the time flash: it was too long. I don't know why I didn't really figure that out on my own. My mom came to stay with me and noticed the problem and suggested that I just cut some out of it and then sew it back together to make it shorter. I would have just cut off the bottom and then re hemmed it, but the bottom is specially weighted to keep the curtain down. Anyway, this solution has worked like a charm! Thanks Mom!

I got this idea from my friend Jessica. I just took a blanket that I already had and cut it in half. I then sewed it back together with two pieces of ribbon inside of the seam so that the blanket could be tied to the handle of the car seat.

This way there is always something covering your baby and it's not falling or getting in the way. We obviously aren't even using our baby car seat right now, but it will be nice to have with our next baby.

This is just a silly little quilt that I made out of a bunch of fabric scraps that I had...a silly but fun project. Some of you may know the origin of the fabric scraps, if you do this should give you a little laugh :)

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