Twilight Adventures

So, lucky me...I got to see Twilight two times yesterday and it didn't even technically come out until 12:01 am this morning.

I went to a special premiere showing yesterday evening in South Jordan at 6 pm. My friend's mom works at Allyse's Bridal (they are the one's who rented the theater to show Twilight), so we were able to get tickets.

Here are a bunch of fun pictures of all of the great girls that I got to see this awesome movie with!

Several of us made some fun t-shirts to wear to the show that said, "I Heart Twilight". Don't ask us how long they took to make... we went through a couple of different versions before we settled on this nice simple style.

Dinner after the movie at Red Robin. There's nothing like a huge burger and bottomless steak fries when you are STARVING! I ordered the Sicilian burger and it was AMAZING!

Here is a picture of me seeing it for a second time in one day for the midnight showing at the Scera Theater with Suzanna and Jessica....can you tell we're a little tired?

So, the conclusion is I love the books for the most part and I loved this movie for the most part. You can tell they were hurting for budget in some parts like with some of the special effects. But, I thought they casted the parts really well and that it was romantic and exciting. It makes me want to read the book again. I'm also excited for the next movies. I heard that they already signed contracts to make movies of books 2 & 3...we'll see. Anyway, bottom line: I would recommend seeing this movie.

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