New Method for Using Veggie Purees

So I'm still going strong using veggie purees in my cooking (check out this post if you missed it), but I have a new method. I've seen this idea on a couple of different blogs for baby food and I realized that it would be a much more effective method.

I used to do 1/2 cup portions in Ziploc bags like this:

...but now I'm freezing them in ice cube trays first and then having large Ziploc bags full of the veggie cubes like this:

I've discovered that about 4 cubes equals 1/2 cup. It is less wasteful because I use fewer Ziploc bags and no puree is left behind since it is frozen in cubes instead of needing to be squeezed out of the sandwich bag after being thawed. It is also so much easier to add to my meals and my smoothies...I love it!

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