Broken "Binkies"

Today I found Maren's binkies and they were "broken"...imagine that :) FYI, "broken" means we cut the ends off with scissors...but to Maren, they were really broken.

Anyway, I showed them to Maren and said, "Oh no Maren, look, your binkies are broken." She studied them and tried them out and could see that they didn't work. So I asked her what we should do about that and she thought about that for a minute. When I suggested that we should throw them in the garbage since they were broken and she agreed. She jumped up and ran into the kitchen and threw them away in the garbage.

The really interesting thing was to see how Jane reacted to Maren's broken binkies...she almost starting crying. I couldn't believe it! She was so sad for Maren losing her binkies because they were broken. Brad cheered her up quite quickly, but later I heard her say to Maren, "sorry Maren that your binkies are broken..."

So then we went to the girls room and looked everywhere for any more binkies and they were ALL gone! For the next couple of hours Maren would go over to the trash can and open the lid and check on her binkies. Then she would go through what happened... "binkies"...."broken".... "garbage"....."all gone"....."bye-bye binkies" It was pretty adorable. Most importantly, she went to bed great tonight, no tears!

Here's what the binky fairy brought for Maren for being so brave:

She's a cuddly princess doll:

...and a soft princess pillow:

...and a warm princess blanket:

Now Jane and Maren both have princess dolls from the Binky Fairy...hooray for the Binky Fairy! For now, we are done with pacifiers and that feels great!

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