My Jean Quilt

I started a jean quilt with my cute Beehives (a personal progress project for them) in November and it's finally finished. We all collected jeans for a month and then pooled them together for everyone's individual quilts. I decided to make a queen size quilt because I had a queen size duvet (sp?) cover (the burgundy striped fabric in the picture) that I wasn't using that I knew I could use as fabric for my quilt. Another bonus was that since it was a store bought duvet cover, it also came with pillow cases (pillows pictured above).

I have normal size quilting frames and baby quilt frames (thanks to my sister Jenneka) so I was able to tie my quilt (thanks to my in-laws for letting me use their basement).

What's so great about this blanket is it's thick and warm and durable. Also, it is made almost entirely of recycled materials (meaning old jeans and a duvet cover that I already had that wasn't being used). We are probably going to keep this blanket in our car for road trips, parades, picnics, etc.

Jane enjoying the finished product.

P.S. I'm a Beehive advisor in my ward and the girls are each making their own quilts for a personal progress project...more pictures of their quilts to come. I also have more pictures of the process and the earlier steps of making a jean quilt.

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