Cake Balls

So, I found a new amazing cooking blog called Bakerella. She makes these amazing cake balls. She also makes something called cake pops. Here are some of her fun designs: smiley faces, Hello Kitty, sheep, baby chicks, bunnies, cup cakes, and many more fun cake pops and other recipes. She is really amazing! Go check her out and your dessert world will never be the same!

I'm going to give you some basic instructions, but you have to just go check out Bakerella. Basically, bake a cake, let it cool completely, break it up in a bowl (as pictured below), add about 3/4 of a tub of frosting, mix it together throroughly, form it into balls (I used a mini ice cream scoop and it worked perfectly), place balls on wax paper on a cookie sheet or something, place the tray in the freezer for 5-10 minutes (longer is ok), melt your chocolate or candy coating while the ball is in the freezer, coat cake balls in chocolate and then let those set. ENJOY!

I decided to try them out last weekend and they were amazing and they totally got gobbled up! You can tell Bakerella has made these a ton because hers look so good and mine are a little funny :) They just take a lot of practice so get ready for some more cake ball designs coming up.

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